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A Very Nice Construction Co.

General Contractor - Remodeling and Repairs

Owners Message

Hi, I am Roger Rutledge owner of AVery Nice Construction Co in Tucson, AZ. I do all repairs myself with helpers as needed. I bring a lot of experience and knowledge to every job. I believe in treating you as I would like to be treated. Personal and friendly service. I want to earn you as a repeat customer. I was taught business is about relationships and good work habits. I will earn a relationship with, good work, jobsite cleanliness, respect of your property, kindness and concern for you and your work. I have found that it is easier to keep a customer happy and pleased than to find new customers. My business is built on word of mouth, by you the happy customer.

I am confident that if you call for a no obligation meeting about your repair needs, you will find I am a friendly, knowledgeable, quailfied contractor that you will use for years.

I would like to thank you personally for your consideration as your repair and remodeling contractor.

For you the Customer when we meet:

  • You will receive a local list of references with names and phone numbers
  • You will know all cost up front before work starts
  • My bids are itemized
  • I will be on time and prepared, your job is important to me
  • When work is in progress, all areas will be clean and safe each day
  • I have licenses and insurance to protect your and your property from job accidents